Durham entertainment company is Feeding the City!

DURHAM, N.C. — Thanksgiving is coming early to Bull City. Durham entertainment company Family Bizness, LLC is getting prepared to host its second Thanksgiving meal handout, called Feed The City. 

The event will provide warm meals and turkeys to families who are facing hardships during the holiday season.

Carlos O’Briant is the founder of Family Bizness LLC. 

“The reason why we are doing this is because, like I said, I never forgot those hunger pains, and I know people who are just like myself who are in a bad situation like I was, or even worse growing up, so we want to definitely be the beacon of hope,” O’Briant said.

O’Briant is a product of Durham’s West End neighborhood and says growing up, his family did not have much. 

“When it comes to food, it was very scarce. ‘Seconds’ was close to none. When it came to the holidays, it was lackluster. My mother did everything she could do, with six kids and limited income. When it came to holidays it was very tough,” O’Briant said. 

That is why O’Briant is working to become a resource for those who are experiencing hardships similar to the ones he endured. 

“My hardships helped to shape me into a strong leader and community activist,” he said. 

This year, O’Briant partnered with several organizations — including Believe Community & Life Center, Gifts with Elegance, Elite Dollz of Faith and Runnin’ Legacy — to raise 115 turkeys during November. 

The day will include live music, hot catered meals and turkeys for people to take home and cook on their own if they wish. 

O’Briant says this is just the start of his mission to ease the burden on families who are struggling. 

“The people who can’t say they came from here, or they aren’t here right now, I’ll be able to be the representative, or the ambassador for them and eventually the whole city,” said O’Briant.