Family Bizness “Get Bizzy!” with Durham’s youth

Family Bizness has partnered with Purpose Learning Lab to bring forth an initiative known as The Youth Hip-Hop Creative Arts Empowerment Program. With a vision to foster positive growth among the youth, this comprehensive 6-week summer program has been meticulously designed to empower the next generation through various art forms such as emceeing, DJing, visual arts, music, and video production. This free program is open to the community and each session takes place every Tuesday from 2 PM to 4 PM, at Durham Bottling Company starting June 13th and ending July 26th.

The program’s fundamental objective is to provide a safe and inclusive space for young individuals in the City of Durham to discover and nurture their creative talents. By actively encouraging entrepreneurship and the development of leadership skills, The Youth Hip-Hop Creative Arts Empowerment Program endeavors to inspire, motivate, and empower the participants, while utilizing the vibrant hip-hop culture as its guiding foundation.

Carlos and Mya, the visionary minds behind this transformative initiative, understand that true change begins with active participation. Faced with soaring costs of summer programs and limited opportunities for engaging in activities, they recognized the urgent need for a positive outlet where young people in Durham could explore their creativity freely. The program they have created aims to bridge this gap, offering an affordable and accessible avenue for the youth to channel their energy into productive artistic endeavors.

The benefits of this innovative program are numerous and far-reaching. By immersing themselves in the various art forms, participants gain a unique opportunity to develop their creative skills while also fostering a sense of personal expression and identity. The program serves as a platform for young emcees, DJs, visual artists, musicians, and video producers to refine their craft, cultivate their passions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests.

Beyond the artistic aspect, The Youth Hip-Hop Creative Arts Empowerment Program also emphasizes the cultivation of essential life skills. Participants are encouraged to think critically, problem-solve, collaborate, and communicate effectively. These foundational skills are invaluable not only in artistic pursuits but also in any future endeavors the youth may undertake.

Moreover, the program fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among its participants. By engaging in shared experiences, collaborating on projects, and showcasing their talents, the youth build lasting connections and support networks that extend far beyond the program’s duration. This sense of belonging and connection instills a deep sense of self-worth and confidence within the participants, enabling them to approach their future endeavors with resilience and determination.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Family Bizness and Purpose Learning Lab, The Youth Hip-Hop Creative Arts Empowerment Program has emerged as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the young individuals in Durham. It not only provides a much-needed creative outlet but also empowers the youth to become agents of change within their community. Through the fusion of hip-hop culture and artistic expression, this program transcends boundaries, breaks down barriers, and unlocks the boundless potential within every participant.

As we witness the birth of this incredible initiative, it becomes evident that Carlos and Mya’s belief in the transformative power of art is unwavering. By offering an affordable, safe, and inclusive space for young talents to blossom, The Youth Hip-Hop Creative Arts Empowerment Program has become a catalyst for change, enabling the next generation of artists and leaders to shape a brighter future for themselves and their city.