The Queen of Small supports Family Bizness

Based on the idea that small businesses represent the lifeblood of North America, Lenovo established the Evolve Small Initiative in 2021. As minority- and woman-owned small companies deal with the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects, Lenovo has organized a concerted effort to offer funding, mentorship opportunities, and community support. Lenovo has been assisted by partners from around the United States and Canada. Because we are aware that when they prosper, we all prosper.

Lenovo partners with Queen Latifah to support Family Bizness LLC. A great look for this emerging entertainment company as they take their services into the corporate world. LVitto and this team have put in immense effort to bring integrity, quality, and excellence to the entertainment world. They want to help artists and businesses grow their following by providing professional services that will propel their presentation. Also, educate the youth, our future business owners, on the value of their business, which will create a new generation of calculated creators and entrepreneurs. Queen Latifah standing with Family Bizness proves that “Everything Entertainment” will soon be a motto worldwide.