LVitto reps “#AIDIGANG” in latest visual

It’s been a few years since LVitto blessed the masses with his well-received body of work Soon, a 19-song offering that saw a wealth of contributions from the likes of Mally Evans, Jooselord, Ethan Taylor, Hud Legend, and Quentin Rashad. Since then, the Durham, NC talent has been keeping his momentum going with a wealth of notable drops, including “Martin X,” “Dear America” with JB, and the Triple O EP alongside 1UpTwinz.

More recently, LVitto unveiled a single titled “#AIDIGANG,” an ode to Aidi Finance and its steadily growing AidiVerse. According to the website, the AidiVerse is an “ecosystem of crypto-assets and utilities” that’s “bringing together complete Decentralised Finance solutions and integrating them with Blockchain gaming and NFTs.”

As such, LVitto can be heard both flexing his high-end lifestyle and making references to the crypto entity on the Neftty Beats-produced cut:

“Aidi, Aidi, Aidi, Aidi, always incredible, doing the impossible, overcoming every obstacle, Aidi gang unstoppable, Aidi, Aidi, Aidi, Aidi, more O’s than a ID, VIP in the party, I don’t even need ID, boxin’ out the opps like Ali … this is more than a meme coin, what you see is utility, this is more like a dream coin, the damn base and the team strong, plus Mike make millionaires, get on now ‘fore we take off…”

Accompanying the catchy single is a matching visual that comes courtesy of Drip Motion. Viewers can see LVitto bringing the song’s energy to life with shots of him showing off his cars, catching vibes with beautiful women, and more.