KronoZ Time

KronoZ Time is a rap artist from Venezuela, based out of Durham, NC (USA). His music combines the punch and eloquence of the Spanish languages with the values of great hip-hop. His songs feature warmth and organic textures that remind us of the old school greats, while bringing a modern edge to the sound through great lyricism. Kronoz Time presents an honest and personal show, showcasing lyrics dealing with personal themes and life experiences, following in the footsteps of the greatest hip-hop storytellers of all generations from Biggie Smalls to Jay Z or Vico C, among others. Find out more and don’t miss out on his latest releases.


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Abro los ojos y lo primero que veo es dinero, toda esta gente me preguntan como voy primero, eso es sencillo mami no hay que preguntar, pues todo lo mio lo aprendi de un tal Escobar... -KronoZ

Juan Carlos Figueroa, artistically known as KronoZ Time, is a Vene-
zuelan rap artist. His tracks such as “Blanca y Pura” and “Nos Fuimos

Con To” have been welcomed by the Latin American public throu-
ghout the continent. Currently working on dierent collaborations

with artists of his genre, KronoZ is categorized as the next “Big Hit”
of the Spanish Trap movement. Being an independent artist

KronoZ is publishing under his housing Family Bizness, while brea-
king ground with his own brand KronoZ Time ENT.

Born in San Cristobal, Venezuela, his music was inspired by the Spa-
nish Rap movement with artists like Vico C, Tempo, and Control

Machete, amongst others. At a young age his family immigrated to
the USA, where the roots of hip hop only heightened his love of the
genre with inuences by artists like Big Pun, 50 Cent, & Young
Now settled in Durham, North Carolina, for more than half of his

life, KronoZ has been one of the rst and most well known repre-
sentatives of the Spanish genre state wide. Sharing the stages in

the area with other high calibre artists such as Julio Voltio, Don
Chezina and Freekey Zekey amongst others, KronoZ has been the
stand out Spanish artist with the most inuence thus far.
In 2017 KronoZ is coming with an abundance of material that will
capture the attention of the public world wide, as he is currently
working on more tracks, and collaborations as well as a possible EP
by the end of the year.