At first sight … he may just seem like someone who just wants to make a scene Someone who likes to reek havoc and cause disorder for kicks and giggles You may find him dangling from the rafters at a show Or convincing people to dive headfirst off of platforms into a crowd of what seems like violent and angry onlookers.


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I'm a wild n*gga doing wild n*gga sh*t and all of my n*ggaz the same!

But with a closer look at him and a deeper listen You find there’s meaning behind the madness Labeled the MoshPit Messiah Jooselord has DEEP political views and a nack for violence and mayhem Joose stands on his point that “sometimes a M@*#A F#*KA just needs they ass beat” and THATS what his music is the soundtrack to. He is Rowdy Chaotic Conscious and Vulgar And he holds NO PUNCHES In his community Joose is seen as a leader of the misfortunate, and a protecter of the broken and the beaten He’s know for providing a place for the unheard and unseen to speak their peace and vent off their anger He caries the message that no one is alone in their struggle and it’s ok to be angry “THIS IS A SAFE PLACE …WE LOVE YOU HERE” All of his fans stand under one banner as PIRATES THE “GALLON GANG” is what he named them. JOOSELORD was given the gift to ingnite chaos … and turn ANY ROOM into complete anarchy His shows are pandemonium His lyrics can be metaphorically witty, politically charged or just outrageously vulgar and angry And his delivery is aggressive, abrasive and unfiltered He offsets this with funny commentary, constant jokes and banter and his obviously love of pranking Joose is a wreckingball aimed at anything created to stop people from just being able to live safe and free Either you stand behind him … or you stand against him 12 Either way … Pirates Do what Pirates Do.