Despite being identical twins, the pair couldn’t be more individualistic.The leos exude a different part of each other; Benny gives off the demeanor of a conservative critical thinker, while Karolina is the hype spokesman. Both brothers have had some success as solo artists; Karolina has spent a decade working on his craft and Benny has been taking names as a battle rapper for the last 3 years.When asked about their personal styles and their approach to music it was described as having an organic vibe through and through.“Working with family helps because you know the connection is real and not fake,” says ½ of 1uptwinz.They trust each other and carry a friendly competition throughout their creative process as a unit. Both artists are respected by their separately established fanbases and are now creating a platform for combining the best of both worlds. Stay tuned to the 1uptwinz and keep updated on future events and shows!


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The band just announced, via their Twitter page, the release of their second studio album, Sun Leads Me On, on 23 October 2018. A deluxe version is also set to be released, with details of its track listing to be revealed closer to release.